Tips for luggage storage London

If you are visiting London then no doubt you want to explore the beautiful city without allowing your bags to drag you down. There is so much to do in London that it would really be a shame to have to miss out on it. Storing luggage in London is now incredibly easy but there are also a few tips that could make your experience a lot smoother.

Left luggage in hotels in London

Before you go on looking for luggage storage around London, make sure to ask your hotel if they are willing to store your bags for free. If you just checked out, chances are that they may still agree to do it since you were recently their guest. Many hotels nowadays even offer luggage storage to travelers who are not their guests for a fee. However, the hotel luggage storage fees are often a lot more expensive than using a luggage storage service provider.

Choosing a Storage Location

One of the best ways to make your journey easier is to know where your luggage is going to be stored. There are many storage options in London so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs. Here are some options you may consider:

LuggageHero – If you don’t want to leave any luggage in your hotel room then consider using LuggageHero. They can make the perfect place for you to stash all of your belongings for a very small fee and are our preferred choice for storing bags in London. If you’re flying from an out of town airport, then there’s no reason to have to worry about where to put your luggage. You can always leave it in your car while you’re at the airport.

Things you should consider as you choose your luggage storage location:

  • opening hours of the location
  • location: near transit, near attractions
  • insurance
  • price
  • reviews: check Trustpilot
  • hourly or daily storage options

How much should I pay to store my bags?

The first thing to ask yourself is, do you want to pay a lot to store luggage or are you willing to pay a lot for a relatively cheap storage option? If you want to leave your luggage for a longer period of time then you need to get the right sort of service. One of the best ways to do this is to sign up with a service like LuggageHero which offers both hourly and daily rates for your bag – pay for as long as you need. We always recommend that you opt for a place with somewhere to store your luggage in the area you expect to spend most time in – choose a location that is accessible and located somewhere where you plan on being more than once during your stay.

Good left luggage locations in London are around Victoria Station, Euston Station, Waterloo Station.

These are some of the current pricing models for bag storage in London:

Price per bagInsuranceFree cancellation Security seals providedApp
Access Self Storage6£ per bag for 0-3 hours 12.5£ for 3-24 hoursCost from £1.57 up to £7 per £1000NoNoNo

Booking your Luggage Storage

Consider if you want to book storage online or when you go to the shop. Keep in mind that most services nowadays don’t allow in shop booking and it is best if you book online to make sure to reserve spots for your bags. Most services also have mobile apps so if you download the app, you can book storage very quickly on the go.

Alternative Luggage Storage in London

Alternatively, you can always ask for your bags to be stored in any local shop or cafe. However, keep in mind that it can be risky and that way there is no protection for your bags. Storing your bags with a luggage storage service provider as the ones mentioned above is thus a lot safer for London since you get to use only vetted shops and your booking always includes insurance for your bags.

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