The best luggage storage app for London

Are you seeking for a safe place to store your luggage during a layover so that you may explore a city without having to carry your luggage? When you only have a limited amount of time to spend in one spot, having a luggage storage app with you would be a huge help and a lifesaver.

We are here to help you compare, break them down, and decide which one is right for you.

With the exception of the cities offered, almost all of the luggage storage app services we looked at provide very identical features, with minor differences. Some businesses bill by the hour, while others bill by the day. Some have size restrictions on the luggage you can keep, while others are more lenient. Explore all options below.

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LuggageHero ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

luggage storage app luggagehero

LuggageHero may be the best option for your luggage storage needs as it is versatile in what it offers for a very low price. When it comes to London, they are the best option due to the large amount of locations they have around the city. LuggageHero is also the only service which can be financially useful if you only need your bags stored for a few hours before your flight.

Locations: 1600+ locations in 40+ cities worldwide
Available in: Europe, USA, and Canada. Most locations in London & New York.
Bag Limit: No size or weight limitations on bags.
Free Cancellation: Free up until drop off.
Pricing: £1/hour or £8/

DISCOUNT: Use this discount code “2LONDONHOURS” for 2 hours of free luggage storage when using the app

Insurance: Bags are insured up to £3.600. Other provides do not offer an insurance but only a gurantee. LuggageHero offers a trustworthy insurance. Each storage location is personally certified by LuggageHero to make sure that the bags are kept safely and appropriately.


NannyBag is a fantastic app with locations in a variety of places across the world. However, there may not be many sites available in each city. Nannybag claims to have storage locations in over 2,000 locations across 250 cities.

Locations: 2000+ places across 250+ cities
Available in: Europe and USA, many locations in France.
Pricing:6£/per day
Insurance: £1500

Radical Storage ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Radical Storage, formerly known as BagBnb, has a variety of locations and storage options. However, as of this writing, it is one of the few storage apps that does not provide insurance, instead offering only a £500 guarantee, which is extremely low when compared to other solutions.

Locations: 2500+ luggage storage locations across the world
Available in: Mostly major US and European cities.
Bag Limit: No size or weight limitations.
Cancelation policy: Free up until drop off.
Pricing: Starting at £5.00/day/bag, varies by location.
Insurance: No insurance, 500£ guarantee per bag instead.


Bounce is a fantastic alternative for storing your luggage in over 1000 sites across the world. There is only storage available for a daily fee, and there are no hourly choices. Bounce, on the other hand, provides the industry’s best guarantee (however, not insurance).

Locations: 1000+ locations spread around USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia
Available in: Mainly in US and Europe
Bag Limit: No size or weight limitations.
Cancelation policy: Free up until drop off.
Pricing: £5.90/day
Insurance: £10,000 Bounce guarantee (note: it is a guarantee, not insurance)


LugLockers is not so popular currently but it offers a good solution for your luggage storage needs. Their pricing structure seems a bit complicated and it is likely that it may be difficult to understand for some.

Locations: Around 500
Available: Mostly Europe and USA
Pricing: Hourly or daily rates.
Insurance: None listed.

Other luggage storage tips

✔️ Check the price carefully to avoid unnecessary fees

✔️ Consider variety of location

✔️ Consider the type of fare (hourly, daily)

✔️ Check peer reviews on TrustPilot or the company’s website.

✔️ Check if there is insurance available

✔️ Check for possible discounts

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