Luggage storage in Covent Garden

Discovering the unique vibe of the Convent Garden market or browse the artisanal products in these colorful streets are enriching experiences. Carrying around your suitcase while doing so can ruin your day.

Left baggage near Covent Garden!

There are plenty of options to store your bags, suitcases or sports gear in the area of Covent Garden. Here are the main solutions to free yourself and go enjoying the unique atmosphere of Covent Garden without having to carry around your baggage.

covent garden luggage storage

Best luggage storage service in Covent Garden

We recommend LuggageHero as a preferred luggage storage solution around the Covent Garden area. There are several reasons for this such as the attractiveness of the storage locations in the area and flexible pricing, luggage insurance as well as convenience of the online booking process.

Interactive luggage storage price map

Below you will find the most convenient luggage storage locations in the surroundings of Covent Garden, gathered in an interactive map. Click on a location and read more information on the specific location such as company, prices and luggage insurance. Moreover, a link to more information such as opening hours and FAQ is provided.

Browse, explore and make your choice!

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How much would it cost to store my luggage near Covent Garden?

CompanyLuggageHero Excess Baggage
No more than £8 per day
7.5£ per bag for 0-3 hours  
12.5£ for 3-24 hours
InsuranceYes, up to £2200 per bagNo

Types of luggage storage around Covent Garden

Below you will find a description of the characteristics of the different left luggage solutions available in the surroundings of Covent Garden. As indicated in the map, two companies are offering this type of service in this area.

“Airbnb luggage storage” with LuggageHero

LuggageHero allows travelers to drop their luggage and bags in a certified restaurant hotel bar or local shop. You book a location online and drop off your luggage which will be sealed with a LuggageHero tag. This company charges customers only for the hours the bags are stored with full insurance.

Storage offices with Excess Baggage Storage

Excess Baggage Storage is a company present in most Airports and Railway Stations of London. Charing Cross station is very close to Covent Garden, therefore it is possible to store your piece of luggage there. They provide luggage storage options in the form of offices – open every day from 7 am until 11 pm.

This company allows their customers to book online and to pay in advance. Group discounts and commercial storage spaces are available under some conditions.

Covent Garden’s particular experience

Covent Garden is the name of a district of Westminster but it is commonly associated to its fruit and vegetable market on the main square. The market is nowadays known for its luxury shops and its gourmet restaurants. As it is licensed for street performance, Covent Garden’s streets host performance every single day of the year and the courtyard space is dedicated to street music. The Piccadilly line commutes passengers to this lovely tourist experience by Covent Garden Underground Station.

Download the easiest luggage storage app in London

For even more comfort you can download the easiest luggage storage in London app created by LuggageHero where you can easily see all the most convenient locations around London. With this luggage storage app, you are able to find places to store luggage in London city anywhere in +120 locations with just a few clicks.

Use the official LuggageHero app to store your bags anywhere around the city!

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