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In this post, you can learn more about what to do near Kings Cross Station and some of its particularities that set the station apart from the rest of London. If you are visiting Kings Cross soon, remember to store your luggage so you can enjoy the surroundings hands-free.

Kings Cross is a fantastic place to explore in London. Here’s a guide to the best things to do in the area, from the floating bookstore to the rooftop Aperol Spritz Bar – you can find something to do no matter where your interests lay. Admire the wonders of the pedestrian tunnel connecting Kings Cross Station to the shops and restaurants of One Pancras Square. London’s Floating Bookshop has regular acoustic singers playing across the board, and it makes a perfect afternoon to browse through the best books the ship has to offer.

The British Library

One of the best things about Kings Cross, especially on a wet day is that you can chill out and read for a few hours. Sign up and go to the British Library to feed your inner bookworm. One thing to note as a traveler: if books from the British Library are not your thing, you just need to skip it. 

For Harry Potter Fans

The fans of Harry Potter will recognise Kings Cross Station immediately. This is where Harry began his Hogwarts journey by slipping through the haunted walls of platforms 9, 3 and 4. See for yourself, the Kings Cross station (platforms 9 and 10) and take a Harry Potter tour of the station and other filming locations. This is where you can also get some cute souvenirs from your trip to London.

Platform Theatre

The final attraction of our culture-based Kings Cross station is the Platform Theatre. Located on Handyside Street, it is a central stage for Saint Martins, one of the most influential art and design centers. At Kings Cross station, the Railway for Children Theatre puts on a great show. It has a stage built from real railway tracks and original locomotives for steamy performances. 

A little bit of Spain in London

Head to Camino de Kings Cross for a pan con tomate, a glass of the finest Spanish Vino Blanco and indulge in Spain’s world-famous culture. Camino De Kings Cross Spanish Restaurant and Bar is a 5-minute walk from Kings Cross Railway Station.

The new Kings Cross

London’s Kings Cross district has undergone a complete reinvention in the last 10 years. Its Canalside warehouses have been transformed into hip restaurants and bars, and the world’s leading technology companies live in sleek new skyscrapers.

Kings Cross is in the center of our city and is one of those areas of London that has seen something of a revival in the last fifteen years. Nevertheless, this revival has led to a number of good things to do in Kings Cross and throughout the area. 

The German Gymnasium was built in 1864 by the German Gymnastics Federation and was the first purpose-built gym in Great Britain. More to my taste, it also has a restaurant and bar that you can enjoy while you have some time to spare near Kings Cross. The conversion of one of the flats into a work in progress in Kings Cross. 

Aria and Denise

To keep pigeons away from Kings Cross station, two Harris hawks, named Aria and Denise, are brought to the station three days a week for four hours each. Under the watchful eyes of their master Max Bell they fly over the station. He keeps his birds at home and employs flying falcons at Kings Cross and other sites in southern England to scare away pigeons. 

Falcons are not allowed to fly over platforms or overhead power lines, so he walks around the station with the falcon in his glove hand. I stopped to chat with him as he tried to answer my questions about the Falcons.

Kings Cross is located at a lively place in London and if you have some time on your hands, you are guaranteed to have a good time exploring the surroundings. We wish you an awesome trip to the city of London!

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