Luggage Shipping from and to London

How can I ship my Luggage from and to London?

Nowadays, traveling with multiple suitcases has become a very expensive practice. Airline luggage allowances keep getting stricter while the prices for exceeding baggages keep increasing. Does that mean that you have to restrict the amount of things that you want to take with you in your trip? The answer is no.

Some companies have understood the problem that everyone is facing with airline allowances and propose to ship your luggages at lower prices. No more paying huge fees for taking sports gear such as skis or surfboards. No more leaving belongings behind after an expatriation because of the lack of space in your suitcase. This is also extremely convenient for people traveling alone who can’t carry a lot of luggages at once but need to take them anyway. Some companies have also understood the pain of having to carry around your luggages from and to the airports.

Here are a few examples of company that can help you ship your luggages to and from London to help you travel easier, lighter and cheaper.

Heathrow luggage delivery

This convenient service allows you to ship your luggages from any Heathrow terminal to your accomodation, office or central stations. You can also make a booking online to get your luggage picked up from your hotel and delivered in any train station. It is a great way to prevent yourself from carrying your suitcases around in the city or in the bus. The prices start from 32£ for one piece of luggage and 5£ for each bag added. The prices fluctuate according to the distance of the delivery.


AirportR and Heathrow luggage delivery propose a similar type of service. However, AirportR collects your luggage from your door and proceed with the check in in the airport. All you have to do is to collect your luggage in your landing airport, or directly in your accommodation. This service allows you to skip the check-in line and go directly to the airport security-check, hands free and stress free. One great comparative advantage, they give you a one hour pick up and delivery slot, which means that you don’t have to wait at home the whole day for the carrier.


With Safestore, you can book a storage units of various sizes: from the size of a locker up to the size of a room. In these secured facilities, you can leave your items from as little as one week. You can ship from and to this storage space. This solution is convenient for people looking to find transitory solutions during home moves. It can also be relevant for students looking to send their belongings abroad or back home. The prices are set according to the storage unit size and the storage period.

Eurostar Luggage Delivery

Eurostar Luggage Delivery is a door-to-door suitcase shipping company. They ensure fast and safe delivery internationally. They pick up the piece anywhere in the world and deliver it wherever you want. The real-time tracking option is a very convenient feature to check on any device where your piece of luggage is at all times. If the luggage doesn’t arrive on time, they give you your money back. This type of solution can be convenient for any type of traveler who wants to travel easier and lighter.


In a world where airline luggage allowances are slowly decreasing, but charges for excess baggage are rapidly on the rise, airline customers are often disappointed with the very small amount of luggage they can take with them on their trips. Many passengers choose budget airlines in a bid to save money, only to discover that they have to pay extra in order to bring anything other than a small item of hand luggage. Or, passengers travelling on skiing, surfing or golfing holidays may find that their outsized equipment and excess luggage is refused by the airline unless an extortionate excess baggage charge is paid.

Transglobal Express

This company ships parcels to and from London through well-known carriers such as DHL, UPS and TNT. This service is ideal if you need to ship other items than just suitcases. If the delivery is within the United Kingdom, they ensure a next-morning-delivery. They offer door-to-door deliveries to the United Kingdom from over 200 countries worldwide.

You can also find luggage storage here:

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