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WE ALL LOVE TO TRAVEL – but we can all agree that it is not pleasant to drag luggage around London all day long (whether it is for a shopping session, a museum visit, or just a walk)! There are so many things to do in London, so wasting time looking for public lockers is annoying. So if you start typing stuff on Google like – “Can you pick up bags in the Natural History Museum?” this is the perfect time to start discovering what to do on your visit to London.

Our recommended Luggage Storage service for London is LuggageHero

Luggage storage in Paris with LuggageHero

LuggageHero is a Danish luggage storage company with more than 120+ locations in London.

LuggageHero uses free space in certified local shops, cafés, and hotels to store your luggage. All luggage is insured and sealed with unique security seals. This way of using local stores has increased in popularity since 2017.

Imagine flying to London and arriving several hours before check-in at your preferred hotel or Airbnb. Or maybe you have an early check-out, but your flight is late afternoon or evening. 

Now, our data shows us that most people sit around with their bags and wait for the check-in/check-out instead of getting the most out of what London can offer such as London Bridge, Covent Garden, Wembley Stadium, British Museum, or the great London Eye. 

As you probably already know, it quickly gets exhausting to explore a big city like London while carrying your luggage 😒  So what should you do to optimize your trip?

It is simple! You find a safe luggage locker to store your bag(s) nearby or choose to go with one of the many luggage storage services offering luggage storage space in London from local stores, cafées, and hotels. 

Welcome to London’s ultimate luggage storage guide on how to find the best, cheapest, and most flexible on-demand luggage storage providers in the capital of the United Kingdom as of 2023. 

The good news is that it has become much easier to find a luggage storage location when visiting a city like London, and you don’t longer have to drag your luggage around the entire city

Also, we like the flexible prices from LuggageHero the most as the company is the only luggage storage service providing hourly payment. You can look closer at LuggageHero and other luggage storage services’ pricing below.

Store your luggage and don’t think about it anymore                                                                                                                                      

You can store every kind of luggage at our locations. It doesn’t matter which size your luggage is. What’s important is that you can chill without it. Store every bag: backpack, trolley, ski equipment, and so on. And there’s more! You choose how you want to pay, if by the or daily.

Flexible and easy to use
Are you staying more than one day? Don’t worry! Not only it’s super easy and flexible, but LuggageHero is also convenient: after the first day, you’ll only pay £5 per bag! Your luggage can stay in our store locations also for long periods!

LuggageHero is the best luggage storage service in London

LuggageHero has +120 stores in London, and they offer very flexible pricing which we consider a good choice.

With LuggageHero, prices are always a maximum of £8 per day!

We will continuously keep updating the above chart, and we welcome all feedback about your experiences with using any of the companies listed here.

Half the price of station lockers and airport lockers

Luggage lockers, also called city lockers, are often at least twice as expensive daily as LuggageHero’s luggage storage service. Until recently, travelers could only stow their bags in these luggage lockers, which have limited pricing and location flexibility regarding where to go and deposit luggage. Today, LuggageHero offers many stores in different cities for you to always have the option of dropping off your luggage in a secure location. LuggageHero also provides an hourly and daily rate for maximum flexibility, unlike luggage lockers in stations and airports. LuggageHero strives to provide secure and cheap luggage storage near you at all times.

Luggage storage facility for suitcases, baggage, and odd-sized luggage

We check all our hotels and local shops to ensure that we can accommodate your needs, whether it’s ski equipment, photo equipment, backpacks, or anything else. This is yet another way for us to give you the most flexible baggage storage, suitcase storage, and luggage deposit. 

Our service is similar to hotel luggage storage

Many travelers who have been customers at hotels have asked the staff at the reception if they could store their luggage until they leave the city later in the day. We offer the same service for everyone – whether they stay at a hotel, Airbnb, or anywhere else. We are always ready to help you out.  

Stow your bags in verified stores with this discount code

We offer our loyal and new customers a discount code for two hours of FREE luggage storage. The discount code works the rest of [year] in ALL cities and ALL stores – including Premium Partner stores!

Our 2023 luggage storage London map

Our interactive map for London 2023 can be used to browse, explore and make your choice to where to store your luggage! Give it a try below:

Didn’t have time to reserve luggage storage?

Taking a stroll around London? No worries, LuggageHero also has a walk-in option, so you don’t have to book ahead of time. Leave your bags, and explore London.

Luggage storage around the stations in 2023:

luggage storage in london stations

One of the most ideal places to store your luggage would be around the major train stations and tubes. Train stations almost always have lockers for left luggage so the travelers can store their luggage and go explore the city. Also, most of the bigger train stations have a connection that can take you to either Gatwick or Heathrow airport

For example, you can find lockers for left luggage in Victoria Station, left luggage in Paddington, left luggage in King’s Cross, and overall all over London! One of the most popular stations and busiest is luggage storage, King’s Cross.

London has multiple railway terminals and underground lines with more than 200 underground stations in the city. Paddington luggage storage is just one of the many opportunities to store luggage in London.

Below we have listed all the companies that can provide luggage within the station or just outside. And trust me, a lot of money is saved by walking just a few minutes outside the stations. Finding lockers in London is finally not so complicated!

Most popular luggage storage stations in London:

Luggage storage around London Airports

London airport distance map as of 2019

There are six London Airports in London, with Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport being the two main ones. All of them are linked to London by buses, shuttles, or express trains so it is easy to get to the city. To leave luggage in London can be essential when one has a long layover.

This allows travelers to store their luggage next to the railway stations that commute passengers to the airports and enjoy a hands-free and stress-free day.

We have made the best guide for the two most busy airports in London:

Luggage storage around museums and attractions

Most museums around London have a very strict no-luggage policy. It’s therefore crucial before heading to a museum that you check the museum website before going.

We have listed all the companies providing luggage storage near museums like the British Museum or an attraction like London Eye with a strict no-luggage policy.

Look out for luggage storage scams in London.

When looking to store your bag in London, we advise you to look out for scams and always check online reviews on services like Trustpilot, Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Even though we write 2023, the scams are still out there. 

Luggage Storage at Paddington Station, King’s Cross lockers, and overall bag storage in London can be used to mislead tourists, so you need to use services that you know are safe to avoid losing belongings.

Trusted luggage storage services

We have provided you with some of London’s biggest and most trusted luggage storage services at the beginning of this page. You can therefore scroll up to read about LuggageHero, Nannybag, and Radical Storage’s prices.

Luggage Storage Services' TrustPilot Reviews

We will in the following add a link to their Trustpilot accounts. By doing this, you can read more about what their customers think and use the rating to decide which luggage storage company you trust: 

  • LuggageHero: Click here to read Trustpilot reviews.
  • Nannybag: Click here to read Trustpilot reviews.
  • Radical Storage: Click here to read Trustpilot reviews

We have vetted all luggage storage services on this Guide

We vet all the luggage storage companies on this London guide, and we tried the service ourselves. We have carefully selected the best luggage storage companies and listed each by: 

  1. Price (per day or hour) 
  2. Travel-friendly terms (cancellation fees etc.)
  3. Reviews from 3rd party providers
  4. Insurance or not? You won’t be covered if the worst case happens. 

This is done so you to be able to choose the luggage storage service fitting you the best as there are a few factors to take into consideration. However, when you have found the right-left luggage service for you (whether it is left luggage King’s Cross, left luggage Paddington, left luggage Victoria Station, or any other major location in London) then you can be lucky that your preferred brand is also available at your next travel destination. The reason for this is that many of the luggage storage services have luggage lockers or locations in many big cities worldwide. Luggage lockers in London are quite popular due to the high amount of tourists yearly.

How to store luggage around Westminister London

Looking for more about luggage storage? 

Left luggage in London can be tricky. We can recommend the following site for more information if you didn’t find what you wanted. You can find information about London in general and opportunities for London storage lockers in popular stations.

Download the easiest luggage storage app in London

For even more comfort you can download the easiest luggage storage app in London created by LuggageHero where you can easily see all the most convenient locations around London. With this luggage storage app, you can find places to store luggage in London City anywhere in +120 locations with just a few clicks.

Use the official LuggageHero app to store your bags anywhere around the city!

Or download the App by scanning this QR code. It’s that simple!



  • Where can I store my luggage in London?

You can store your luggage at numerous spots in London. These are usually located close to the major attractions. One of the easiest accessible storages is LuggageHero which has a network of more than 120 stores all around London, close to London Bridge, London Eye, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum, Big Ben, and many other attractions.

  • How can I find luggage storage in London?

You can download the app of LuggageHero, where you can see and explore all the locations where you can store your luggage.

  • Which stations can I store my luggage at?

You can store your luggage at all the major stations all around London, such as Kings Cross, Euston, Victoria, Paddington, Liverpool Street, St Pancras, Waterloo, and others.

  • How much does it cost to store my luggage?

The most convenient luggage storage provider when compared to price/time/safety is LuggageHero. The price for storing your baggage starts at £1 per hour and £8 per day.

  • Is it safe to store my luggage?

It is safe to store your luggage with Luggage Hero, as they seal your items carefully. You automatically get your items insured if they are of value up to £2200. LuggageHero operator also adheres to and sticks to all the COVID-19 limitations and restrictions.

  • How can I find luggage storage near me?

Finding the closest bag storage option to you in London is very easy. There are a few ways to do that. You can download the LuggageHero app and find the closest location to you easily with just a few clicks. You can also try to visit the homepage to find the closest location by clicking the GO button on the search at the top of the page. With so many places around London, there is storage near you no matter where you are.

If you are heading to Paris or New York shortly, make sure to check out our guides on.

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